Monday, April 4, 2011

Something to celebrate...

These pictures were taken when he was 2 weeks old! Wow... he has grown!

#1-  DATE NIGHTS - Thanks to Jason's parents, and his younger, wonderful sister CASSI we have been able to go out on a few dates since little Jacob was born! Yay! Scott and Lisa went to Hawaii and brought back these cute Hawaiian outfits for the girls!

#2- JACOB NEAL BAIRD  was blessed on Sunday, April 3rd, before conference at our church.  It was wonderful and very special to just be there with family and be apart of that special event.  I am so grateful to be a mommy.

              His 2 month stats :    13.8 lbs (90%)  90% for height too.  He is my chubby love.

#4-  Don't you just LOVE General conference? Don't you feel RENEWED? REFRESHED? Listening to all the talks that inspire me to be a better wife/mother/sister/neighbor/friend and disciple of Christ! I am so grateful for living prophets and apostles on the earth today!

# 5- POTTY TRAINING THE GRACE ster!  It should be fun! :-) This week we started because I CANT stand buying two sizes of diapers for two kids! She's ready... let's hope.  Wish me luck! :-) 

#6- WE celebrated our 9th ANNIVERSARY! Holy Schmoley! That's what I said.. i can't be married for THAT long already, have 3 kids, and one entering school next year!?? WHAT?? Where has the time gone? We look like BABIES in these pictures! haha.  Life is good.  It's an adventure, but I'm so GLAD I can take my best friend along! Love my hubs! :-)

#7- Last but not LEAST... i am adjusting so far to having three kids.  I SURVIVED 2 business trips so far without JASON! That's been 8 days TOTAL! Thanks to my family who keep me company and help with adult conversations...  I will survive! haha.  You get a WHOLE new appreciation for single mothers or fathers.  My heart goes out to them.  They are amazing!


Greg and Tammy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the baby! He is so handsome!!

The Barney's said...

You guys are great and we miss seeing you guys! You also have a cute little family!

The Beck Bunch said...

There are so many great things happening for your family!! How wonderful!

BJandGayle said...

Emily!!! These pictures are great. I love the one with the 3 kiddos laying on the blanket. Such adorable beautiful kids. You look GREAT BTW! XOXO

Jamie said...

Congratulations! A little late... Jacob os adorable! Good luck with three--I know you can do it!